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December 1, 2012
Old Colony House and Eisenhower Park (Newport, RI)
Christmas in Newport Celebration Kick Off

Following closely on the Washington Square Community Charrette, members of the Newport Architectural Forum and of the community at large will had a great opportunity to come see the improvements to the area, to visit the historic interior of the Colony House and to help kick off the Holiday season with a tree lighting in Eisenhower Park.


The evening included a proclamation from the Mayor, the tree lighting ceremony, a cannon salute by the Newport Artillery Company, and live entertainment. Although there were plenty in attendance and the evening was full of holiday cheer, there was now snow this year to completely set the mood, but the nice weather made parking spots easy to find in the new rejuvenated Washington Square!


October 19-20, 2012
Jane Pickens Theater (Newport, RI)
Washington Square Community Charrette

Washington Square is the traditional civic
and comme
rcial heart of the City of Newport since its founding more than 350 years ago in 1639. After working for more than a dozen years to plan, finance and undertake the Washington Square pedestrian improvements, the question naturally arises “How do we maximize the benefit of this investment in terms of stimulating community use and enjoyment of the area.”

We are delighted to report that plans for the Washington Square Community Charrette, which have been in the planning stages for quite a while, are now in place. This event is planned to be a 1 ½ day exercise that will bring the community together to accomplish a number of important objectives. This is going to be one of the biggest, best and most important things that the Architectural Forum helps to organize this year and we would welcome the participation of Newporters at this major undertaking. 

October 6-31, 2012
Spring Bull Gallery (Newport, RI)
Exhibition: Art of Architecture and Design

There was a great opening to the “Art of Architecture & Design” show at the Spring Bull Gallery with large numbers of people coming through to see an interesting collection of work (ranging from 1720 architectural prints to up-to-the minute computer

 renderings) and enjoy a fabulous reception of wine, cheeses and other delectable treats.


The show will be up from October 6 to October 31 and it is well worth your time to come by to enjoy the show and perhaps even take a piece home with you! Spring Bull Gallery is located at 35 Bellevue Avenue.

September 7, 2012
Rough Point (Newport, RI)
Gala Party: Doris Duke Preservation Awards

The Doris Duke Historic Preservation Awards, co-hosted by the Newport Restoration Foundation and the City of Newport, to honor the people and projects which exemplify the best efforts in the area of historic preservation within the community each year, were (once again) a resounding and fabulous success!

Held in an elegantly decorated tent on the front lawn of Rough Point, the venue was decked out this year like the lounge of a 1920’s luxury steamer in honor of the exhibition currently mounted at the estate: “Passport to the World--Doris Duke the Traveler”. Many members of the Forum mingled with city and statewide leaders in the area of preservation and with the winners of this year’s awards. In recognition for all the Forum does for Preservation, members were accorded a discount greater than the annual dues to the Forum. That what we call doing well by doing good!

July 4, 2012
Washington Square (Newport, RI)
Celebration of Indepedence Day

A gathering in front of the Old Colony
House for a reading of the Declaration of
Independence, the short but powerful
document where our countries founding
fathers pledged “their lives and fortunes”
to create a new and democratic nation, 

form the very building that the Declaration
was first read to Rhode Islanders back in
1776. This reading was followed by the firing
of cannons, a blueberry pie eating contest
and much more.  
This year, the event also celebrated the
restoration of the Colony House’s clock
and bells after many years of both being
broken. All the events described above 

are free of charge so be sure to bring   
family and friends too!  

June 30, 2012
The Point (Newport, RI)
Tour: The Secret Gardens of Newport

For twenty-five years, the self-guided Secret Garden Tours” of Newport’s Point District have helped provide financial resources to support arts education in the public schools. The point section, one of Newport’s oldest colonial neighborhoods, is marked by small lots with lovely gardens deftly hidden in the back and side yards.


May 17, 2012
The Newport Casino Theatre (Newport, RI)
Film Screening: Urbanized

Around the world communities are undertaking fascinating and creative approaches to restore their communities to livability. Particularly in urban areas, the transformation of the last twenty years has been remarkable. The award-winning documentary filmmaker, Gary Hustwit, has done an admirable job capturing the width and breadth of this movement and capturing it on screen. 

May 5, 2012
The Newport Casino (Newport, RI)
Symposium: Horace Trumbauer, Residential Architecture

A wonderful day of lectures by prominent architectural historians, lunch on the Horseshoe Piazza and tours of three magnificent Trumbauer buildings. Horace Trumbauer was a prominent American architect of the Gilded Age and designed more than 1,000 buildings during his career. His work ranged from hotels and commercial buildings to libraries, museums, and private homes, for which he is best remembered. Known as a classical revivalist, his notable projects include the Harry Elkins Widener Library at Harvard University, Whitemarsh Hall, the Free Library of Philadelphia, and much of Duke University. In Newport, Trumbauer is known for designing Clarendon Court and The Elms. Horace Trumbauer: Residential Architecture offered a unique opportunity to examine the architect and his influence on Newport’s landscape and the opportunity to visit three of his most important projects in Newport: Miramar, Seaweed and the renovation of Roughpoint.

April 21, 2012
Woonsocket / The Blackstone Valley
RI Statewide Preservation Conference: "America's Gret Outdoors"

The Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission (RIHPHC) attracted nearly 500 planners and participants to the 2012 Annual RI Statewide Historic Preservation Conference in Woonsocket, a mill town slowly being brought back to life.

The daylong conference provided local preservationists to network, share ideas, present recent projects, and discuss new challenges. A large number of Architectural Forum members made their way from the south end of the state to the very northern latitudes of RI to participate in the interesting and useful program of lectures, tours and keynote addresses (and saved $10 on the regular registration rate as well)!

April 5, 2012
USTA Wing, Newport Casino(Newport, RI)
Lecture: Historic Images and Aesthetic Pleasures: Design Inspiration for the Newport Casino

URI Professor and Newport architecture expert Ron Onorato, Ph.D. presented on a rarely explored aspect of the casinos history – the inspiration behind the “Shingle Style” architectural masterpiece. Onorato reviewed blueprints and explored the influences that inspired the firm of McKim, Mead & White, in the first building done by the combined association of architects. This building is individually listed on the US Register of Historic Places, the highest honor available.

March 29, 2012
Redwood Library (Newport, RI)
Life of the Mind Lecture: George Washington's Maps

Back before GIS and GPS and satellite communication there was cartography. If a man knew the land he was often able to control the land. Historian Barnet Schecter has done an admirable job in assembling the story of George Washington's life through the maps that he used, collected and drew in his lifetime.

The author of a beautiful assembled new book spoke about his journey of discovering George Washington through the magnificent maps that were part of the American hero’s life's work and collection.

January 20, 2012
Movie Screening High Society

Screening of the fabulous classic 1956 movie musical “High Society” starring Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, and Frank Sinatra and Newport architecture, including Ochre Court and High Tide. 

A complimentary glass of Furlan Prosecco was provided by Newport Wine Cellar. And there was a Cash Bar by La Forge Restaurant. 

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